Im asking about sleep deprevation.

by Kodi

I have to do a school psychology project, and we get to pick a job in the world to do it over.

My whole family consists of farmers so they are all grain truckers. But i wanted an outside opinion about how sleep deprevation effects you guys.

I know that you have to drive all through the night and stuff but what kinds of things can happen if you dont stop to rest or is there any law saying that you have to stop somewhere and rest?

thank you for you time
-Kodi Lewman

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Apr 10, 2011
Operating a Commercial Vehicle with Lack of Sleep
by: Hervy

Well Kodi,

They have filled you in pretty well with background. I'll add my two sense for your answer.

The reason there are regulations which is supposed to ensure a certain amount of rest is because of the adverse effects of driving while deprived.

If we are not well rested many things can happen including but not limited to....

missing turns
copying directions wrong
This could be very serious since we are in trucks are not allowed on some roadways because of weight or low bridges!

not being alert enough to be aware of surroundings
a decrease in the effectiveness of our immune systems which makes us susceptible to germs
easier to loose patience
increase likelihood to have a poor attitude
increase chance of disregarding rules and regulations
slower reaction time (important in traffic)
increase in poor decision making
and of course, falling asleep behind the wheel

All I can think of right now.

Oh I know another good one.....when we are sleep is very hard to back into a parking space or dock!

Basically any function that requires thinking can be compromised the more you are deprived of sleep.

Hope that was a helpful addition to what was already said

Apr 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Kodi,
Yes they have to stop but like the other guy said there is many reasons that truckers dont get alot of sleep. My boyfriend is a trainer so that makes him a team driver BUT many times he does not get to sleep because he has to stay up so the student dont get lost, show them where to stop for things like food or just to teach them how to drive the truck. Regaurdless of him getting sleep or not he still has to drive his 10 hour day.Driving at night for him is the worst, he calls me just to have someone to talk to so he dont fall asleep while the student is in the back sleeping. When he gets to sleep the students wake him with many diff questions or directions.Sometimes he gets woke up many times during his "sleep" time.

Apr 09, 2011
by: american trucker

Sleep whats that?
Drivers dont always get the proper sleep on road,due to various reasons.Can be weather or you your unloading a truck,even though you have 10 hr break remember you also have 14hrs in day that they can work you.And most of time after you done working u still have to eat showers clean up truck an settle out of your 10hr brk your down to 5-6 hr sleep time.

Apr 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Kodi, I am not a trucker but I am a truckers wife. Yes they do have to stop and rest, sleep. Lots of them drive in teams so one drives while the other one sleeps. This is mandatory! Safty first.

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