Illegal shortwave use in whittier california. sublimminal brainwashing

by jennifer miller
(whitier ca 90604)

Amnesia contacted the FBI over one year ago 2010 june. Being brainwashed. Satanist claiming illegal surveillance by the catholic church.

Woman has to report it herself by has repeatedly FBI, FCC, Local police, and even several organizations. but she has to report to confirm it herself. Because of pervious suits, cases closed and bizzarre situation.

Police can't respond and these people are satanists in her head, so I heard through a receiver in her teeth.

Truckers are starting to talk convoy. Because these people have been brainwashing her since she was a minor to keep her from getting her memories back because their family cursed her.

Talking to her like she daydreaming because they're perverts and deserve to go to prison. vicinity of Ceres school Whittier ca 90604 Because just f you is what they're saying and the police are waiting for her to call but she has. FBI operator told her to call 911.

She being brainwashed by satanist not car jacked. She's called and emailed government and faxed but police need a confirmation the situation stinks ACLU lawyers mentioned. If anyone is in the area. Because I'm being brainwashed and I'm scared and tired of being pushed around and told what to and don't want to be sick ever again from illegal frequencies.

Jennifer M whittier ca 90604.
People on line claim local teamsters

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