Idaho Provisioners/Cargo Express trucking school review

by Mark Biggs
(Boise, Idaho)

This was a good school for me. Very experienced instructors. I had 3 weeks of instruction, followed by three weeks OTR with a trainer-driver.

During the 3-week OTR training, the Cargo Express company advances me $249 a week. This is a real help with meals and other necessities.

The school cost me $4,000, which I am repaying over 36 weeks. So, no out of pocket costs except getting to school every day.

I had allowed my CDL to lapse in 1996, because I didn't think I would drive commercially again. But with this current economy, there were no other jobs where I could earn the same kind of money.

This school had other students who had attended both independent trucker schools or community college trucker courses. These folks did not have enough driving experience to pass the Cargo Express new driver road test. Some could not properly back up or shift gears.

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