Iam in Greenfield IN and my name is Kenneth Milhous

I have got my CDL License back in 2005 in Indianapolis IN, I came here from Baltimore MD to get that license, after my CDL School I went out O.T.R. with a trainer driving for Decker Transport, I was out with him for 15 days we did not get along I had to leave the truck, from 2005-2011 I drove dump trucks on and off for various contractors, and in 2011 I went out O.T.R. with Swift Transportation with a trainer and this time I had completed my training I was out for 6 weeks but failed the road test, and I had to come home because I had to pay my rent, then my car broke down and I could not get back to the terminal to re take the road test which was in PA at the time, I was living in Maryland, and ran out of money jobs were tight, couldn't seemed to get any decent paying jobs for a period of time, then I got a job hulling electrical supplies for Wesco Distribution from Jessup Maryland into VA and Delaware area, I did this for 6 months and got let go because the company had down sized, then I went out in 2012 O.T.R. with CR England with a trainer for 7 weeks I completed my training here passed the road test but I needed a break from that trainer because the way he operated, rarely stopped to eat any where it was constant go go so I went home, In 2013 I was evicted from my apartment due to the inability to pay my rent so I took an O.T.R. job with Western express and worked that for 6 months, then I ended up moving here to Indianapolis IN and stayed with a friend, In 2014 I took a driving job with Driver Ambition CDL temp service, hulling freight around Indiana, I was there for 6 months, then in 2015 I got a job with Staff Works temp agency assigned to Kirby Risk after my 6 months there with them in 2016 I was hired on at Kirby Risk as a Driver hulling electrical supplies on routes though out IN,OH,IL until 2018

my cell phone # is 317-507-6484 you can call and text

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