I want to catch him

There are ways to catch a cheater

There are ways to catch a cheater

How do I catch him?

I absolutely KNOW he is cheating. Not sure if it's still with his ho in Bristol Ct. or who these other ones are. He's east coast. NH , Ayer Ma , Ct, RI , sometimes Maine . M-F

He is terrified on his phone when he's around me. Being that I am not naive, I realize that is a tell tale sign. But he tries to make me think I am the one who is crazy.

But I want to somehow install alike a Nanny cam or something both in the bunk and in the cab . And have it hooked up to my phone or computer. But apparently they require WiFi. What if he's out of range? Etc .

Any one have any thing ?

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May 07, 2016
Apps that can help you catch a cheater
by: Hervy

I suppose you want to have proof before you do anything else. I hate that the circumstances around your relationship makes you feel the need to do this but I assure you, that there are many men and women who are in a similar situation.

That's why I suppose there are so many apps that are designed for just those purposes.

I found apps like Mspy, Couples Catcher and Find my Kids, showing up in a Google search. When I look at apps on Android phone in play store there are some with ratings of 4 and higher...

Cell tracker
Phone Copier
Couple Tracker again
Call & Message tracker.

So it seems like, if you can find a way to get his phone, then you can get the proof you want. However, I don't know the legalities for doing this.

I suggest you do some research before going forward and also think about what your action will be based on the information that you find.

One reason is so that whatever it is when you find out information, your reaction is not out of passion or rage but intelligent thought.

People easily end up doing things they regret by acting out of passion or rage. I think the point of what you want to learn one way or another is to make your life better than what it is not worse.

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