I need your help in getting a trucking job

I have a CDL class A WITH TANKERS ENDORSEMENT(CAN UPGRADE TO AN x)I earned it in 1998 i worked for swift as a driver/trainer as well as some other companies up until the end of 2002 when i received a DWI in a non-commercial vehicle .08 in a .04 state.

I moved back to Georgia and in 2004 on years i got a ticket for open container I have no felonies no tickets in the last three years no accidents.I have misdemeanors on my record(maybe 5 or more mis. convictions) but none since 2005.

I have turned it around completely.I am a 32 year old man with two children truck driving is in my blood. My father and his father both were truck drivers. I would love a second chance. If anyone has a company(or legally owns a truck),works for a company,manages a company and your willing to help pls. notify me asap.the name is Mr.Cunningham.u can reach me at rooksean@gmail.com thank you

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