I need a truck to do the driving part only for a CDL A in KS

by John Rios


My name is John. I recently finished CDL school for my 'A' and while I passed the in-cab and pre-trip portions of my exam at the DMV, the wheel of the rig dusted the curb while I was doing the driving portion of the exam.

They automatically failed me; doesn't matter that the road is unusually narrow. The only problem is that now I'm being told by the school that i have to wait to until August to try again, or retest, because they don't have any other truck available to retest anyone in KS right now.

My problem is that I need to start working right away and stumbling upon this site I'm taking a chance In hoping to find a truck I can rent to retest in.

I don't have a ton of money so I suppose it would depend on the fee, but I'm willing to entertain any suggestions, so please if you have any suggestions feel free to forward them to me I greatly appreciate it.


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