I know I Got to Tighten Up - Newbie Truckers wife

by Jennifer
(Birmingham, AL)



Hello everyone :) my name is Jennifer and my husband just started driving. In fact, he left early this morning for his first haul. We have two beautiful children together and I’m a stay at home mom for now. I may go back to work but my profession is an EMT and most shifts are 24 on, 48 off so I would have to find someone to keep the kids.

My parents aren’t physical able to keep a free spirited full of energy 3 year old and a almost 2 year old. So ladies I’m just looking for some advice and encouragement. My husband and I have never spent more then 24 hours apart and that was when I was working.

I quit working before my 3 year old was born and then I got pregnant very quickly again with her brother so I just never went back. I’m already missing him and he hasn’t even been gone 12 hours.

I know I gotta toughen up but can I have a pity party for just a little bit lmao!! I’m excited to be here and meet all y’all.

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