I found 2nd chance opportunities that worked for me

by james currington

Short and simple ..yes u can work ..I am ..2many felonies to mention, guns, drugs, prison 3 times ..hey we all make mistakes ...

I know 2 companies that will take u fellas right now ..they aint that good but it will get u back in a truck...now if you willin to relocate to Tennessee the company I work 4 ...is good we run hard but im making a thousand plus every week company driver been here 2 years my felonies weren't even 2years old ..privately owned co.boss is into racing owns cars yall see at the race he care about money ..and so do I...

Company giving out recruiting cash ..a lot of it thats y im not sayin the name till we talk all trucks brand new..

I knw people lie about everything well im not..everybody need a chance .oh the 2 compaines are buel...probly rip u off but youll make sum ..and be back on your way ..and carolina cargo..I worked them both to get where I am ....u can ck sum of my pics on fb ..james currington .email me about my co..in box me fb...never listen 2 NO

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