I didn't mean to do it really. . . .

by The Crazy Trucker
(Waco Texas doing that deal baby! What!)

I didn't mean to do it. Who knew that she wouldn't make a swift turn right in my path of travel!

I could faintly hear the thump as her body collided with my from grill. Louder was my own imagination
of the sound of her bones crush under the immense size and weight of the truck as I was loaded with
45,000 lbs of feed.

The day was going fine. I had just gotten loaded in Lytton Iowa headed toward the house for the Memorial day
weekend when I decided to stop to use the bathroom and pic up some peanuts to snack on when I got hungry.
I drove all day and stopped twice to fix me some tuna fish but this was my final run. After driving all day I only
had a few miles to go before reaching the truckstop just south of Cincinnati on I 75. I grabbed the hot peanuts and ate
one by one.

Traffic was not nearly as bad as I had expected despite the upcoming holiday. I got in the right lane
as I was only a few miles from my exit.

In the back of my mine I was thinking. Today has just been going so well wish I
had 5 more hours on my logbook to drive. I really didn't want the day's journey to come to a close.
Little did I know the journey would not end so pleasantly.

She was red. So graceful, so beautiful. I would have let given her my last nut if she wanted it.
I do scan the highway quit rigorously as roll but she came up so quick from the left that there wasn't much
that I could do. I tried to shift to the left as far as i could while applying the brake quickly but not full force
there was traffic behind me to think of and I could go across the left lane either. So I did what I could.
She would have made it, but who would have thought she would turn back into to my direct path of travel.

It was unbelievable.
I felt so sorry for her. I felt like a murderer as I watch her disappear out of view as
got closer and closer to my front grill. And then . . .

contact. . .

It was only a moment but it seemed to last for 2 hours and 14 minutes. The thump reverberated in my mind.
My ears rang with that awful sound. I imagined the sound of her body crushing against the bumper.
I wasn't enjoying it or anything for some reason I just can't help it. I analyze things and create a visual or
a more vivid detailed account acoustically. Don't know why I do it can't help it.

(It is a huge problem
at the dentist because I visualize in my mind a close up view of the wisdom tooth bursting through the gum
splitting the flesh, while gushing blood from the rip in the tissue. The rip increases in length as the root is forced through
as the blood pour over both sides of the gums and began to fill the trench between the tongue and gum and the
gum and jaw. (This is what i am visualizing when I get a tooth pulled!)


Anyway . . .

Should it really be called murder? I didn't do it on purpose and i hate it happened. Really, she had
no business crossing there and I just don't see the logic in turn back directly into my path of travel.
She might have made it across.

But she didn't.

Well, there was no need to stop and check things out, I am was pretty sure that there was nothing that I
could do. (It was a loud thump!) When I got to the truck stop, I did check to see if see was stuck to my
grill. I was glad she wasn't, the sound was enough, I still think about her. Maybe because I been wanting
tell someone about this every since it happened last week. Now it is finally off my chest. I hope you
understand that I never meant to do it.

Plus, Cardinals are my favorite bird.

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by: Anonymous

Christ I thought you crushed a car are something :/

by: Little Giant

Great story. I thought that you had hit a horse! You had me to the end.

Not a murderer
by: Kourtney Marie

Hey, I'm a trucker too and this happend to me about a year and a half ago I was going through new Hampshire and thank god I have a push bar on the grill cause I wasent so lucky to have just a deer I had a moose probly as big as my suburban back home trust me I had almost the same reaction as you. The point is your not a murderer we are truckers and it happens and with big loads it's usually not possible to stop. Keep truckin!

Great Story!
by: Anonymous

You had me til the end. I am a writer of children's novels and I teach writing classes. Your story is as good as any other from a pro writer! Very funn!

by: Connie

Cute, Crazy Trucker. I like your writing style. You kept me rivited through the whole story. I couldn't wait to get to the end because my curiosity was getting the best of me BUT I was hesitant to get to the end... I didn't want to know.

I think it is safe to say 'murderer' is a bit too harsh. :) Keep up the good driving.

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