I could give my hands to another line of work but my heart will always be behind the wheel

by Jerry M
(Beckley WV)

I'm in beckley WV.

Currently on a fixed income, would love to get back on the road and make a better life for my family. My fiancée, my rock, has been supporting me in my decision to try to start driving again and would love to be able to give her the things she deserves for being there and believing in me.

I have my CDL permit just need a truck to test in. Like I said I'm on a fixed income so I'd only have about 150.00-200.00 to pay.

I have about 7 months previous driving experience, and was just in a trucking school but wasn't allowed to test.

I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope the Lord sends someone to help me, because I'm out of options.

You can call or text me at 304-800-6228

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