Husband is owner op and doing a lot of waiting for loads bills are not waiting

My husband has been OTR by himself for 1 month. We have a ton (TON!!!) of bills & I am unable to work currently related to illness.

He is constantly waiting for an assignment it seems, & wastes so much time sitting around.

Not making much money so far...wondered if this is normal? And should he say something to his fleet manager? Very frustrating.

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Jun 11, 2017
Please clarify
by: Jimmy

Your post says he's an O/O but then you refer to his "fleet Mgr" which makes me think he's a co driver or a lease purchase operator, which is about a half a step above a co driver. At any rate, you also state he's been just one month out there.

His first two weeks will take awhile to catch up with him. Is he getting "advances" ? That's dollars that won't be on his paycheck. Also, how available is he to take loads and when he does, does he get the load delivered in a timely manner ?

His first month or so will dictate how his dispatcher will run him in the future. Luck to ya'


Jun 08, 2017
Could be normal for the company he is leased to
by: Hervy

It might be normal a normal experience at the company he is leased on to. But I wouldn't stay leased on to a company where that IS normal.

Yes he definitely needs to say something. They know he has expenses and bills.

If he says nothing they may be paying more attention to other drivers thinking he is able to work things out since he is not complain about running harder.

He needs to let them know what he needs from them. If after that things don't change, I would say he needs to change companies.

Here is the page with more info and insight about being an owner operator.

Might find the information useful.
Being an owner operator

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