humble tx. John flowers

by John Flowers
(Humble texas)

Been driving off and on from 1990 until present. I've driven dry box 5 yrs refrigerator three yrs flatbed 18 yes and pulled pole trailers permit loads oversize loads escort loads saftey before the company I'm with now but yet to get paid.

I'm a runner sit if I have to but don't like it.

I have family who understands my job is first have stayed out months at a time. The real question is why am I looking for a job?

I'm working yes not making the run's that pays my bills
Most importantly u need to know that I was tested positive yrs ago back in 2007 no classes couldn't afford it so
Everyone who I've driven for don't treat me equal and don't pay me right
No excuses my fault
There is no second chances
I can pass a drug test

All I'm wanting is to run hard earn a paycheck take care of my family

If you are willing to allow myself to drive and u are serious call me at 2817233571
Please I don't want to waste no one's time
Have a good day

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