How to Believe in Yourself

Ever heard that little voice in your head saying why you can't do something or shouldn't make an attempt to do it?  You might even hear a real voice outside of your head (via your so called friends) saying the same types of things. Here are some thoughts and ideas for believing in  yourself and reaching your goals.

Some Things To Do

  • Eliminate Negative People From Your Circle
  • Research The Topic or Dream
  • Make a Decision About Going For it or Not
  • Set a Goals and Milestones for Reaching Them
  • Write it Down
  • Determine Steps Needed To Reach Milestones and Ultimately the Goal
  • Write it Down
  • What does it mean for you to achieve your goal? Write this down.
  • Visualize Yourself Being Successful
  • Take Action Moving Toward it Every Day
  • Create a Positive Environment for Yourself
  • Read empowering books( listen to audio, watch videos)
  • Tell someone positive what milestones you are working toward and allow them to hold you accountable by question you if you are on track

What happens if it doesn't work?

You may be someone who always see things as super challenging or impossible for you.  You might even find yourself quick to say, "I can't do that."  "I can't do that as good."  Those types of thoughts shouldn't be allowed to rest in your mind. Change them.

The fact is, you often don't know if you can or can't do something if you don't try with full effort and belief in the idea that it is possible for you to do it. 

Of course switching from one way of thinking about doing new things to the more positive way is a process.  You have to be intentional about changing that thought process and when you catch yourself actually change your thoughts. 

It will seem like there is not progress at first.  Keep doing it.  Next thing you know, you will automatically be positive about things and not even realize it.  I know it works because I shifted my thoughts like this. 

Don't get frustrated, it can take a little time but commit to it and you will find life less stressful and also that things which once seemed challenging is no more.  It is just something to do.  You learn what you need to and you get things done.

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