How to tell if a trucker is single or lying

by Curious for opinion
(Greensboro nc)

I been talking to a guy online for month now..but i cant reach him at any given time. He will say hes unloading or loading and can't talk at that moment.

He says hes old school at 49 and doesn't have wifi service to download messenger app. Says he don't got a house phone nor good signal at his home in Georgia.

Ive done check on him so i know hes not in trouble with the law but all i have is his word he's single.

When i asked when he would be coming thru to Greensboro nc he said sometime in near future and says he dont give his address to just anyone but yet i've talked etc for a month now.

Im trying to believe him but i find it hard too and something says im wasting my time..but he does seem interested in me.

We talk and message every day i just want advice from other truck drivers.

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Jun 02, 2017
Tough Case to Crack
by: Hervy

What does he haul. Most drivers don't load and unload. Depends on what he is hauling though. Some actually do. I did.

All the stuff he is saying COULD be true.

No home phone, Me neither
The messenger app, I have but ignore mostly. However,every friend I know except maybe 2 uses it. Most people uses their social media, especially that app.

Are you friends with him on Facebook or he says he is not even on Facebook?

On the home address, I feel him but if he has yours then you should have his. (At least that is a reasonable argument.

But if you really like him, the best thing I can think of is don't assume how he feels about you.

Ask him directly. If he squirms it's a sign. It's easy for him to pretend on the phone that he likes you a lot. Especially if he likes to talk anyway.

If he really likes you and he knows that you like him, then he should be willing to see you at least once a month so after 3 or 4 weeks he could plan a trip to Greensboro, it's not a location that is hard to get a load to.

Like I said...ask him how he feels about you and the relationship. If he says he's into you then ask, what type of relationship he is looking for or where do he see you and him going with the relationships in a year and/or beyond. See if you and him are on the same page.

Those questions should give you some answers that confirm whether you are wasting your time or not.

Your biggest move will be to stop assuming or guessing how he feels about you and ask him.

Also, if you are not working or can take some time off, ask him about riding with him for a week and see what his response is. Wait before you do that ask what trucking company he works for.

Cause if he tells you they don't have a rider policy, you can actually check and see if that company has a rider policy.

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