How to stop panicking and over reacting

by Charlotte
(Houston, TX)

I'm currently only just a girlfriend of a truck driver. We both love each other very much.

I try so hard to let him know I love him and to keep him interested. This year has been one roller coaster after another and possibly if I didn't make some changes bc I was in a mentally and physically abusive marriage. I wouldn't live thru the year.

I make the changes and meet the man of my dreams. I meet the most amazing man I've ever met. At the time I was going thru hell! Then he left for school to go foreful his dreams to bc a truck driver. Only it is cross country truck driving.

I wouldn't stand between a man and his dreams. Fast forward we bc an item and he is a truck driver now. I told him I'll wait for him. I am and I will. I won't ever lie to him. I won't be unfaithful to him. I love him so much. I've respect and appreciate him and admire him for all he has accomplished.

How do I get thru the loneliness, and worry and keep him interested. I love him and I how and pray he may consider marrying me one day.

Please give me any advice to put things into a better prospective

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