How To Keep A Recession From Happening Again?

I don't know if we can completely keep a recession from happening unless every single individual does these things that follows. But if we do these things and a recession come again we won't be impacted in the same way.

Well first of all, we start with changing the practices we have INSIDE our own homes. We need to invest in ourselves, our children and our families. It is not an option, if we are serious about changing our futures. If there is some life skill that we are lacking we have to stop trying to figure out how to get by without out those skills and focus that time and energy on figuring out how to master those skills. (And then teach them to our children.)

Educating ourselves about saving, budgeting, prioritizing our spending, building credit and using it as a tool as opposed to abusing it will not only help us personallybut it will help us to recognize when our government officials are not being fiscally responsible.

Next we need to start looking at the big picture of what's going on, (in our communities, our schools, our executive branches) and stand up in unity against what we see is not right. Usually when things don't seem to add up. It's not an illusion, it's because there is something wrong in the equation.

We also need to start paying more attention to our local offices and who we are putting in charge to run things. This next presidency is going to be ushered along in the direction we force or allow. I have a feeling no matter who gets into office that we don't want to just let things just fall back to us from Washington to our communities. We need to start letting our local leaders know what we want and we need to hound them on what's important to us so that our voices are heard. Then we need to keep that attitude in reference to all elected officials that represent us.

I felt like a fool when I voted cause half of the people running on that ticket, were people who I had no ideaabout, didn't know who they were or what they stood for and I know I am not alone. We really can't afford to do that any longer. The nature of man has become so corrupt that they must be watched and monitored when placed in the position to control our lives.

We also need to rid ourselves from greed and self absorption then it will be easier to pick up when our officials, business leaders, organizers, politicians, etc are taking inappropriate liberties with their positions whether that is dealing with money, abuse of authority, or any other activity that negatively impacts us, our neighbors, or our communities or our children.

That's how we keep it from happening again. In my opinion anyway, what's yours?

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