How to Determine if trucker is Cheating?

Im a trucker for for 15 years and Im no kid. Im in my 50's. When we got married , all our kids were already grown, so it was just us. Hes been an OTR driver since his early 20's. So I knew he was going to continue to drive. But even during year #1, I found where he was joining dating sites, discreet meeting sites, sending very revealing photos, text messaging meeting spots.

But he always had an excuse to get out of it. I even found condoms in his truck. But with advanced technology now, he uses his cell phone and a tablet and I have no clue how to check on him.

Now Ill volunteer to help clean inside of his truck, and hes right there blocking my entrance saying he doesn't need help. His phone is blocked and protected so I cant check web sites and text messages. I heard of a detective website called spokeo that can hack into text messages, emails, etc. but actual users said that site was useless. I just need to know.

Im alone 90% every single year. ALL ALONE....and Im getting too old to be alone the rest of my life. There is no talk of retiring from him. There has been no sex in 14 years. I feel like a free holiday inn with laundry services and home cooked meals. He was home last night and we watched a movie where a man visited his alzeimer wife of 19 years every week, but was having regular sex with another woman. He commented that the man was a good husband to be so loyal to his wife by going to see her every week.

I said no he wasn't because he was having sex with another woman. He disagreed saying "but he was still devoted to his wife and provided for her by paying her bill
"....And Im thinking is this us ? I live with the fear of getting too old to find someone else when he meets someone younger and prettier. And I live with the fear of dying in this house and no one even finds me for days. Does anyone know of a service that you can hire to hack into his phone to check on web sites, text messages, emails, etc????? I NEED to know. I really need to know...

If you have an answer other than optimism and good luck please email me "" THANK YOU

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Sep 23, 2015
this may help NEW
by: Anonymous

This device could help you know the truth its an audio recorder. Just slip it in his truck, luggage, backpack if you think you can get away with it.
Im getting one to put in my fiancés bag so i can know for sure before i mary him. he is an otr driver coast to coast. And before we were together he used to live in texas and Illinois & other states, i just need to know for sure before i invest more into our relationship

Mar 10, 2015
You've already found the answer... NEW
by: Anonymous

You say you "need to know"....but you already do. You need to trust yourself...your gut. The foundation of ANY healthy relationship is trust, and it's obvious that is gone. They say that if you feel you have to spy, the damage is already done. You need to be kind to yourself and love yourself enough to say that you deserve the security of knowing you are his one and only, and that your loyalty while he is away is returned. Love yourself enough to know and set boundaries of what is acceptable to you!

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