How to Be There For a Driver Having a Bad Day

by Rebecca

Hi ladies, I've been dating the most amazing man for the past 9 months, and he is an otr trucker. Lately he has been searching for work at home and is getting discouraged as he's having to get back on the truck after home time.

He's just not himself and I want to encourage him. Normally I would bake cookies, or take him out, or rub his feet, but as you know these are not options we really have.

What ways have you ladies found to encourage and bless your trucker while he's out on the road?

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Oct 23, 2015
Education NEW
by: Toby Adey

Hey! Rebecca hope you are doing great. The most important thing is how much you value and care for someone. If you value someone really so much distance never matter you can always still be there for him. You know in papers editing services, love and affection is an upcoming topic of discussion. In which people share their views and experiences and help others solve such problems.

Sep 30, 2015
Helpful hint NEW
by: Anonymous

Has he looked into going local for Schneider national from the port or rail car lots for intermodel and of other companies that do OTR that have day cab driving jobs.

Sep 30, 2015
Be Supportive and Encouraging and...
by: Hervy

Rebecca I am not a lady however, as a man I can tell you what is powerful and empowering. Thanks for being the type of person who is compassionate and nurturing enough to desire and inquire.

That is something that helps him right there. Of course how you express it takes even further.

A simple message out of the blue letting him know you are thinking of him and appreciate him is good.

Saying things that lets him know that you are loyal to the relationship and with him every now and then is good.

Those things are better than baked cookies and work for long distance.

Now he may or may not like it if you were also resourceful and ambitious to the extent that you actually look for some local job leads for him. You have to determine that based on what you know about his personality and character.

Some guys like to do things themselves or be their own discovery agent for significant things in their lives. I am like that but I also don't mind if someone introduces me to good info/leads. I have grown in that regard. If I can use the info I will and not feel bad about it. Some guys are not there though.

This is how bad it could be...if you gave him 3 numbers to great local companies he may never apply at those companies. However if he is the type that appreciates your efforts in that regard, it is something that would help find work.

I don't know what part of California you guys are in or how long he has been driving. If he has been driving for at least a year and has a good driving record, there should be trucking jobs that get him home if not local at least a few days a week. You can search yourself to find leads and give him a list of companies to check into that have local or regional positions.

Just give him the list and let him look at details himself. Will be easy if he has internet. If he is not ambitious or mindful he might not be looking too much while on the road himself. Unfortunately we (people not truckers)sometimes complain about how something is but are not doing much to change it. Obviously I don't know if that is the case or not so I am just putting that out there.

Also, something else you can do is proactively seek ways to increase your own wages at home so that if there is a cut in pay with him changing jobs, it doesn't have a significant impact on taking care of bills.

If he is a financially responsible person and he feels the bills can't get paid if he stop OTR, he won't make the move. On the other hand, if he feels you will make the money to pay more bills than him, it may be something that bothers him. Again, you have to determine that based on his character and personality. Depends on his confidence, self esteem and perspective.

The next thing is a discussion about long term goals. What are the goals for the future. Is he saving? Are you saving? Is there a plan in place so that he can come off the road. That also is something that can ease his mind in the meanwhile because he is working toward something different.

In other words, some drivers (and people in general) are so busy in the day to day and/or feeling bad for themselves about how things are for them now that they don't research a way out. They never create a road map to a better destination so they stay in a cycle of despair.

To summarize: Help him create a vision of something better. If it doesn't come to his mind help him bring it to mind with suggestions that lead to him coming up with a better vision of what is possible if he take certain actions to make it so. In the meanwhile as I said, let him know that you love and appreciate him and will be by his side.

There are some thoughts for you to ponder and maybe act upon.

Thanks for posting and good luck.

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