How do I get over feeling scared, anxiety and depressed as a truckers wife

by Leslie

Hi my name is Leslie, I'm 26 he is 27 we have been married for 8 and half years and we have a miscarried baby in heaven, but not able to get pregnant since so no kids.

He jus left 6 wks ago for 3 wks in Arkansas to get his cdls, with prayers and giving the glory to God, he got his cdl and made a perfect 108 on his inspection. And his overall score was 99.

Now after 3 wks of being home he has to leave tomorrow to go to Atlanta for his orientation with Werner trucking. I want to be happy for him but its hard to be. For past 2 wks I've been kinda sorta depressed.

I have hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome. And those 2 health problems are rough when stress hits. I was wondering has anyone else had this problem, of feeling scared, panicky, and anxiety and depressed?

If so what did y'all do? I also work at a gas station which kinda makes it worse for me. I'm quoting when he comes home. So I can ride with him.

He's going to be local right now though.

Thanks for all advice.

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Jun 08, 2015
Thank you NEW
by: Leslie

Thanks, what do you do to preoccupie your time while he is gone, before you had your baby girl? Its hard working at a gas station where its nothing but stress. I'm thinking about start crafting and selling. See if that will help. Thanks for the support. :)

Jun 08, 2015
stay strong NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there :) My name is Marina and I just want to support you.. We've been married for 7 years and just had a baby girl last week :) my husband is a truck driver too and its tough especially now when you have a newborn and I also developed preeclampsia (high blood pressure condition). I hope it will get better for you as soon as your husband will start especially sometimes you can just come with him and it's fun: new places, new faces :) You can switch you attention to something new and be together. I wish you and your husband all the best

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