Hit and Run.... yea thats what they said

by Kyle Wright
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

I was on my way home for home time but planned my route to stop in Virginia for my 10Hr break. I got a call halfway near to my route stop, when I get a phone call from dispatch to call a particular PD. They said its no big deal, they just need information from me.

Turns out, near my PU I made a U turn, cut it too short and ran over a skylight($50) and had no clue of it. I asked for an escort back across the scales the officer told me he wouldn't help me with anything because I felt like I was going get away with running over his skylight in his town.

Long story short... I didn't go back and I was charged with hit and run. Now, any average trucker knows that hit and run in a commercial vehicle has to involve either a person or a car, and the car must be towed away.

Lol, well obviously this $50 light had wheels or a beating heart. My suspension is over now. Just curious on my next step mainly to get this idiot charge that's completely wrong off my DAC.

Job wise doesn't seem like I'll have an issue, my old job already said there's a truck waiting for me. Other than that hit and run my report is spotless.


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