Help with homework about trucker health

by John

Hi my name is John, I am a 36 year old single father who works at a travel stop for one of his three jobs.

I am also a student working on my Masters degree of Public Health. I have an assignment that requires me to create a health promotion plan for a demogrpahic that I am able to access.

I choose truckers because I serve three hundred drivers a day at my travel stop. My assignment requires me to collect data through polls or interviewing "academic" experts in the field.

I have decided to a do a combination of both data collections to reinforce my plan. However there is a problem. My company said I could not ask drivers to complete my poll at any of their locations.

The other truck stop in town said they didn't want me to do it there because I work for the other location.

If y'all could be so kind to click on the link and fill out the questions I would appreciate it.

Please don't mock me for asking for help with this assignment in the comment section. I find it very rude and unnecessary.

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