Help immediately

by Sean
(Columbus Ohio, Franklin county)

I have all most a completed bachelor degree in communication in a 4 year school. I finished junior year in college at west Virginia state U!

I graduated from bishop ready in Columbus Ohio! I only have 2, points on my drivers license, I have been working for 1, company for a 1,year+ 1 month! Along with pizza delivery job's as 2nd job. + was released may 22, 2011.

I was working this main job since the being of June in 2011! The other, jobs I have worked are just part time!

But if I can put in about 70-75 hours.... Complete These years of schooling I'm willing able, fully capable to work for any trucking company at 50-60 hours a week!!!

Yes there may be even more good news for future employer's who are willing to put me in cdl training+ a job!

I understand all the stipulation with working 4 a company for 6-12 months. I would prefer a schooling facility! However they say beggar's can not be chooser's! I have a gmail account!

If possibly interested please contact me at!
Columbus Ohio trucking jobs

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