Healthy Trucking Vitality Program

The Vitality Group and Healthy Trucking Association introduced the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program at the Healthy Trucking Summit 2012 in Atlanta.

The Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality program gives incentives to it's members to make better choices to about their own health and well being.

The program identifies the root problems that the individual driver is facing, whether it is diabetes, obesity, high blood, etc. A course of corrective action is prescribed and a path for the driver to follow along with resources, tools, and incentives as extra motivation for staying the course.

This is done using the internet, scientifically based information and coaching. Each driver receives his/her personal portal to keep track of his/her progress and manage the entire program.

Here are some highlight features.

The program will include a gym network with devices on the gym equipment integrated with your personal web portal so that upon completion of the exercises prescribed to achieve your goals you are awarded points that you accumulate in order to spend on real items from the Vitality Mall online.

Also, drivers will be able to compete with each other, and all of this can be tied in to your social media accounts.

This is like a game that improves your life, but it is so not a game. It IS your life. This could be a way for employers to influence and empower their drivers to make healthier choices which means they are better employees.

For the smart proactive driver, you don't have to wait for your employer to get on board. Many of them won't any time soon. You can take advantage of this program as a member of Healthy Trucking Association. Take responsibility for your future.

You also get a prescription card and there is a smart phone app. The website is Join the Healthy Trucking Driver Vitality Program However, it is not quite launched yet. So keep your eyes open. \

Here is a link to the Vitality Group General Website

The Vitality Group

Some employers might offer this as an incentive for employment.

Since it will not only help every but also the company by having healthier employees.

You guys should ask your company if they will be offering the Healthy Trucking Vitality Program.

What do you think about this program? Do you think this is something that you will participate in?

Healthy Trucking Vitality Program

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Nutrition and Exercise

Proper nutrition and regular exercise is probably the most effective way to prevent of diseases and maintain good health.

It is also the cheapest way to live a healthier live.

Truckers are prone to diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and stroke. Don't wait until you are sick or kicked out of your job to start taking care of your body.

Government is passing legislation that basically insinuates that we are either to dumb or irresponsible to take care of ourselves on our own.

We complain about these rules and regulations. But lets see, look it true? "Say it aint so!"

Maybe we do need some help to make better choices. Maybe the government is actually forcing you to improve the quality of a lot of people's lives.

Health and Wellness

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