Health risks of a long term truck driver.

by Danny
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I came across an article about common health risks of truck drivers recently and I am thinking about how the drivers' lifestyle is affecting their health.

Long time on the road can mean less exercise and possibly less sleep. In addition to that, unhealthy diet including too much of processed food filled with sugar and salt. Smoking, drinking and temptation to do things like jumping from the back of trailers also won't help a lot.

We are the people whose lives depends on long driving and if we have to stop doing that due to health problems, it'll badly affect our life and our family's.

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Mar 15, 2017
Health Priorities NEW
by: SpeedcoPM

Health should definitely be a top priority for truck drivers. Making sure you take good care of yourself can be difficult due to long travel. We’d suggest taking healthy snacks such as granola bars, dried fruits and bottles of water to help on the meal-planning front. We hope these suggestions help and hope you get positive results! – The Speedco Team

Feb 16, 2017
Health NEW
by: Gerry V

I think like any other responsibilities, we have to accept health as one of our priorities. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten as snacks instead of chips and bars. Parking a distance away from restaurants and hotels will encourage us to take a longer walk to our destinations. Doing the basic exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches will also help to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Rest can be our biggest challenge but with determination and proper planning, we can carefully schedule the required amount of time.
It all boils down to making the proper choices. I myself, find it a challenge toning down to a resting state after having driven my permitted time behind the wheel but I try to take a brisk walk whenever I end a leg of a trip to encourage my body to tire and prepare for a good rest in the bunk.
Hopefully you will find a routine to keep your doctor happy and your medical check-ups clear.

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