He plays PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND) all day when he is home

by Jessica

Okay ladies, first time here. I am so frustrated, the past few month when my husband is home all he wants to do is play this game PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND.

If I walk in the door from work or the store, he is so involved with the people he is talking to on his headset, he doesn't even stop to look at me or talk to me.

Not to mention that they can hear anything I say. If I need to discuss anything with him his headset is on. He barely responds to anything I say. He will not even take his headset off to give me ten mins.

This goes on for 8-10 hours a day while he is home. I don't know what to do. I am miserable. I know this is a heavy subject. BUT I am not sure how to handle this.

Any one else going through this?

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Jul 01, 2018
Welcome to the PUB-G World NEW
by: Truckers wife in Hawaii

I was in a similar situation last month. My husband was actually going through a depression.

Being on that game conversing with other people who shared that same interest as he did in that game... was like his way of being able to not deal with reality, and get a break from the heavy responsibilities. He wouldnʻt ignore me, he knew when I speak I expected his ear, as he does when he is speaking to me. I simply learned to understand how to be patient with him and remind him I am there for him.

Work had slowed down, rent was up at the ending of the month, I wasnʻt working, he was our main source of income, missed his family (they live in the mainland and we been in Hawaiʻi for 7 yrs, he recently moved to be near his family and got a better paying job OTR and Iʻll be joining him on the road sometime next month) and just felt like everything in his life wasnʻt playing out in his favor.

He was getting bored with the lifestyle here. Hawaiʻi is not as fast-paced as the mainland and that's the life my husband was raised in. Now, He is so much happier being back in his element and surroundings that heʻs norm too.

I hope this helps you in some way to understand how to help him.

Jun 09, 2018
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by: Anonymous

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