He just doesn't get it

by Eleano

He just doesn't get that while he is out there on the road driving his truck he is settled into his own routine out there.

But at the same time his son and I are at home settling into our own routine. Then when he comes home he expects everyone to conform to his routine.

Our son is a special needs child and doesn't do well with the brief change. He's not the one that has to deal with our son after he leaves.

He complains all the time that our little guy won't play with him or kid around with him, but when he's home every time our son tries to reach out to him his daddy is snapping his little head off.

Then when daddy is in the mood to play and the child isn't daddy tries to force it on him and gets ticked because our son starts crying and not wanting anything to do with him.

I've tried to talk to him till I'm blue in the face but it does no good. I've tried to explain why its not fair of him to impose his routine on us when he comes home for only a few days at a time.

He's gone six to eight weeks at a time and only home for four or five days and just that much messes up the kid.

He brings home his laundry and stuff for me to do. I end up doing the shopping to restock his truck when he is in, take care of the house which he adds work to because for some reason when he's home he doesn't know how to clean up after himself, take care of our son, take care of our dogs and anything else that comes up.

I ask him to do a few things around the house and he never seems to get to all of it telling me that he needs to have a day or two off and when he comes in from the road its his time off and he intends to relax and not work.

Well hell I'm a full time mom to a special needs child and a housewife. I cook, clean, provide child care, take care of the finances, everything that needs to be done to keep the home running and him worry free.

I don't get a day off at all and sometimes when he comes in I would just like to have a day to myself.

I love him and I know that this is how he makes the money for the family, but at the same time I just want him to respect us a little more and take advantage of us being here a little less.

I sometimes wonder if it is worth it at all or if I should just give up, let him have his life and move on making a life for our son and I on my own.

It hurts like all heck to even think that but sometimes I wonder if he really loves us or we are just something he has at home so he doesn't feel so alone.

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Nov 26, 2012
Sooooo honest NEW
by: Annomous

I really feel for you and I think your awesome .
Hearing your story I know you deserve respect
And appreciation for all you do.You keep your
Routine and there's nothing wrong with the way
You think.

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