He asked me to go OTR with him....

by Jessica
(Grand Rapids MI)

Looking for advice 😊

Looking for advice 😊

So my husband and I have been married less than a year He's been a truck driver for 15 years or so Most recently he had an opportunity for a local job but unfortunately (as goes the trucking industry) instead of being a local job it became an over the road job.

So he was doing over the road for a local pay so we've decided to go with a long haul company and go over the road. He wants me with him.

We have no young children. I have a good job but spend most of my time alone as he's rarely home (I have 18 year old daughter he has 2 daughters we see biweekly). Has anyone done this long haul with their trucker?

He said after 6 months if I don't like it we will do something different. So I would have to quit my job. How do you all feel about this?

Financially we would be fine with the single income but...how do I cook and keep us healthy?

How do you handle being away from family for weeks at a time?
(My sister and mother are freaking out) Boredom? Showering in truck stops?

Any advice would be appreciated ladies! TIA!


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Sep 28, 2016
Go for it
by: Hervy

Jessica I know you specified ladies but I figured I just chime in for a second or two. If you search here on the website for "should i go over the road with husband" you will get maybe 10 similar question with responses, including mine"

Having said that..

I usually say work for a while and save all that you can if money is tight before doing that. Then when it is time to go over the road, don't quit. Take a leave of absence and tell them you plan on coming back when after an event change in your life. Which you will if things are not as you expect.

...I think you should definitely go.

As far as being healthy on the road, that is no problem. You can cook too. No problem.
On this page I talk about health on the road.
Healthly lifestyle tips for truckers

But other that, welcome to the next adventure and we wish you the best!

Oh as far as bordem...I am going to refer you to this video that I made a few years ago.

And actually I just finished a book about the same topic but I forgot to share it with everyone. Thanks for reminding me. I will send an email about it to people on the mailing list.

You can search Kindle though for Fun and Affordable Things to Do When You are Bored For smart people

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