hazmat endorsment

by dante

how long do i wait for my hazmat fingerprint test to be complete in ny

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Nov 03, 2016
It takes forever
by: Anonymous

Once you get it, your temporary Hazmat endorsement might be up and the DMV could make you take the test again

That's what happened to me this last time

A real pain. I had to go to the Port to get the TSA background check paperwork, same place as TWIC...

I had to pay the $160 in cash, which I didnt have, I only had my debit card and a check.. they made me get cash...

What a PITA

Keep studying your answers for the Hazmat. That shit is so easy to forget... just in case you have to take the test over again

It ended up causing problems even when my license was renewed. I was originally endorsed for everything, but after dealing with the DMV, I found out that not everybody there knows what they are doing, or what they are talking about

Hope your results come quick, but this time of year a lot of people are traveling and trying to get Passports and such.

Its all the same background check...so I'm guessing it will be around 6 to 8 weeks or so...and you have to keep calling the number they give you for your status

Good Luck

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