Have recent OWI. Kokomo Indiana looking to start trucking

by brian
(kokomo indiana)

i haven't been on this site long ,but so far i really like it. Looks like i have a lot of looking to do.

I am really looking forward to getting back to work. I received an owi in my personal vehicle ,11/21/2011. So far i've only found one company to come close to talking. I found them on everytruckjob.com.

I went through the whole list ,and found one that may hire me that's 2 weeks off from my conviction they stated owi had to be before 11/07/2011 so im praying for a good email. I im suppose to receive, tomorrow, my email address is brnbrn76@aol.com.

I choose not to put the company name out there ,but im suppose to here back tomorrow, im just glad i didn't ruin my chances for life always as a trucker your 2nd time is for life by the bmv i read.

So if you have any luck for me please email me ,i know now what a bad choice i made thx,

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