Hastings, Mi 49058 Larry M. Schwab 36 yrs exp.

by Larry M. Schwab
(Hastings, Michigan)

I would like to drive for a private Owner-Operator truck driver, who would like more time at home. I have drove for 36 years and I am not into truck companies, who want only to get you into a truck and drive otr.

I love to drive.

I need someone who would give me a chance to show them what I have to offer them. I would like part-time to start with, if this is possible, and I would also take a dedicated run that goes to the same place every day. To and from each run.

I am very good with directions. Some times I like to take my wife with me, if that is possible also, but not necessary.

I just want to have a job to help support my family, right now, my wife is holding us up. I need to have a job near where I live, being we only have the one vehicle right now. I live in Hastings, Mi. I don't stay in truck stops, I like to get to my destination and get back asap. I don't stop a lot of places, except to get a sandwich, a pop. Or sometimes, I bring my own lunch or dinner with me.

Thank You

Larry M. Schwab


Please give me a call if you are interested in a good driver. I won't let you down. I will give you my best.

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