hard to trust.need some advice

My husband n i been together for 7 years, married for two. Have his n her n our kids. We had our ups n downs in life n got through them.

We both talk bout him going back otr. So he been doing this for 4 months n now he took trainer class to be certificate for trainer. He did tell me that he may have a female as student n to trust him. This is his job to be a teacher.

Well 2 years ago was the hard part of ur married. We worked together n another n lets say he lied to me bout this other co worker n hurt me bad w his words n took her 2 tracking but finually came out n told me nothing happe between them n she did too. So my trust is low.

I know he told me there be a chance n that now his first student is a female. He tell me everything about her n everything. Tell me he loveds me more for trusting him also in 3 weeks im going out w him n he cant wait til then. Am i thinking to hard on this or what?

Any advice?

I also do alot round house to keep things going n so he doesnt come home to do lot of stuff n show him i appericate him for being out there away from home.

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