happy trucker to be wife in november

by Barb

Interesting site,

Getting married to my long haul truck driver fiance. Been together a long time, am used to him being gone two weeks and then back two to three days. Would like more time but look forward to our vacations.

I try to take off days when he is home. The write offs are worth it - sometimes wish he could work two and be off a whole week instead of just days? but he says he doesn't make enough money that way.

yDo any truck driver places make decent wage doing that, I guess he would be making less at local jobs? It does give me a chance to do my own thing groups at church etc. But still would be nice to have more time with him, but do appreciate the time I have.

How do you all when you have a little loneliness handle it? Just a little time of loneliness but goes away as I am so busy with work and church groups.

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