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by American Trucker (Carl.S)

Prepare for Interview with Trucking Company

Finding a trucking job these days is difficult given the economic situation. With this in mind, you need to seriously prepare for an interview with a trucking company.

The world of trucking jobs is all about supply and demand. The more demand there is for drivers, the easier it is to get a job. Unfortunately, the opposite is true these days. There are far more drivers looking for jobs than there are trucking companies looking for drivers. The cause is a double whammy. High gas prices a few years back wiped out a lot of smaller companies. The current economic dark ages have wiped out many mid sized companies and even some of the big boys. It hasn’t been this ugly in a long time.

Consider yourself very lucky if you get an interview with a trucking company. Companies tend to be letting people go, not picking them up. An interview should be considered a lucky draw in poker and you should take it very serious. Trying to wing it through the interview is just a mistake. You need to prepare for the interview and be prepared to make yourself standout from the other candidates.

The first step is to prepare for the credibility issue. You want to put together a list of companies you’ve worked for and contacts at those companies.

Anyone can ask and answer questions in an interview, but giving the person interview a list of references with full names, addresses,
phone numbers and types of rigs driven shows both that you are serious about the job and someone who thinks through what they are doing. Those are qualities a company wants in a driver.

What about driving scenarios? The interviewer is going to present you with different situations and you need to have answers ready to go. Think through common and uncommon scenarios you might face. Investigate the trucking company. What if they only carry certain types of loads? Are there any issues related to the loads that change the way you would address certain driving situations? Showing you took the time to learn about the company will definitely impress the interviewer.

Body language is another area you need to focus on. Remember you mom whacking you in the back of the head and telling you to sit up? Well, she was right. You want to sit up and lean over the table. It sometime helps to focus on keeping your elbows on the table at all times. A forward leaning person is engaged in the interview. A person who leans back and slouches is defensive. Guess which one the interviewer is going to like better?

Being in the trucking industry is tough with the economy going the way it is these days. If you are given an opportunity, take advantage of it. The way to do that is to prepare for your interview with a trucking company like it is the chance of a lifetime.
Article Carl (American Trucker)

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