Getting Back on Track

Getting back on track is always easier said than done.

Too bad we can't go back and start from a previously saved point right? (Like a system recovery on your computer)

Look, we all fall short in some way during our busy lives. It's easy to get distracted and go down a bumpy path. Sometimes someone beats us on top of the head put a sack over our head and drag us down that bumpy path! In either case, we are where we are and what's done is done.

First of all, no need of blaming yourself for not doing something different. Learn from what you have found yourself in and move forward. You can use this to learn so much from. What is it that if you knew before now would have keep you from being in the situation your in.

Now as far as eating tomorrow. I am sure you have already checked in your community to see what services are available to you, if not do so. There is usually a list of places to volunteer kept in each community by someone. This list can help you because you may discover new services you didn't know existed.

Also call around to local churches to see if they have any programs available to help in emergencies.

If you are facing foreclosure talk to your bank or mortgage company. They much rather work out a deal with you than take action. No matter how bad things are, talk to them. You won't believe how flexible they may be. Especially now when the light is on them. If they seem especially uncooperative write a story about they to your local news.

They will be glad to do a story about something ugly. As a matter of fact I would like to know about it myself as I am always interested in injustices done to people.

With all your other creditors that you can not pay, call and talk to them also. If you can avoid bankruptcy do so.

Now let's take a moment to look at your skills. what is it that you know how to do. How can you bring that to market in a way that it can benefit others. You may be able to use what you know to help someone else to get by.

Or you may have free time to watch some else's kids on the weekend so that they can work to make extra money. You may know how to do hair just as well as the beautician down the street. You could make little flyers and get a few regular customers who still want their hair done but they know longer can or want to spend top dollar to get it done.

Times like this are also a time for amazing opportunity. Some people will start full time businesses because of this crisis. Some will perfect partially developed skills to use to get by.

Some will tap into knowledge they've had all the time but just hadn't used. Some will actually learn new skills to use to fill a void or offer a service they see that is needed.

In today's world we are mostly limited by the way we think and our lack of creativity.

Sit quietly after a serious prayer for direction. Ask how can you use what you know or what can you learn to help other people to better their lives and in the process better your life by creating extra income.

You just have to figure our how to capitalize on it in a way that creates a win win situation.

Brainstorm on ideas of how you can make extra money writing each one down on paper. Once your finished, take a look at those ideas, and see if there is a way to turn that into making a little extra money to help you get by.

Good luck, keep the faith and keep knocking on doors until one opens. Don't give up. There is an answer to your problems but it won't come beating you upside your head, you have to ask.

Who You Ask Is Up To You!

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