getting back into driving trucks

by Tommy
(Paris, TN)

I have over 15 yrs. otr experience, however, I have not driven in over 1 year. Can you point me in the right direction to some companies that would hire me without paying for any training. Seems like it's impossible to get on with any company since I haven't driven in so long. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. love your web site! Great place for REAL trucking info! Keep up the good work!

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Jun 29, 2010
by: jerry

I am a recent graduate. of a truck driveing school but I have a old felony and every place i have tried to get a trucking job does not hire felons or they will not hire recent graduates does anyone have any ideas on wat i could do to get started on my trucking career

Jan 13, 2010
Ex drivers that want to get back into trucking
by: Hervy

Tommy I made this webpage specifically for guys like your with experience over the road and taking time off then being faced with trucking companies saying they want recent experience but no one will hire you to get it.

We all know that once your a driver for a couple of years there is not a lot you will forget about trucking so it's really silly to automatically turn ex drivers down. This is where you can list yourself as an Ex driver looking to get back into trucking and there is a link to this page from my Owner Operator page.

Any owner operators looking to give ex drivers a chance to get back on the road should at least check these guys out Ex drivers wanting to get back into trucking sign up here

Jul 14, 2009
More companies that might help you out
by: Julie

You can also try Sisbro or maybe Homerun.....Sisbro is van and Homerun is can check their web sites out
Good Luck

Jul 06, 2009
PGT Trucking may be a good company
by: Jennifer Schnittker

PGT, if you have at least 18 months verifiable

My husband works here, just started, and loves it--it is however flatbed

best of luck to you!


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