Gene works fine for now

by Dalbert

Hey there. well, on April 30th, was my last day at work. Yes, I too felt the crunch of being laid-off, but it's not as bad as the first time!

First time?? Yes, can you believe it?? I've been laid off twice in just 3 (Well...a tad over three years (Last time was March 1, 2006) I tell you, the impact wasn't hard as I had about 3 months pay/vac/sick coming to me.

This time, I'm older, but no better off. I will receive my severance and my unused vac pay..That's it..About $500 and unemployment has yet to kick in. So, I'm seriously considering this field.

Why? Well, having no family, makes it more likely I'll be sticking around in it longer then those with families. Hey, not putting them down, but I'm recalling a recent article of trucking companies now being able to take you or leave you.

Some guys admitted that "Home Life" was the reason they quit trucking. Frankly, that's why I'm here. To learn and understand that I will be away for long periods of time. Not something that bothers me a whit.

I'm sure it's changed since my younger days (I was trained in 1985, but so many outfits bit the dust then, finding a trucking job wasn't possible) Delta/Coast/3 others I cannot recall died in that time frame. So the ads went from "Trainees welcome" to 3 years otr REQUIRED!!

Well, that was then, this is now. So ends my first submission..I'll be back to do more research and pondering..Thank goodness for TAA!!!

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May 31, 2009
Gene works fine?
by: Anonymous

by the way,

Gene works fine????

what does that mean, I am lost


May 31, 2009
Welcome aboard The Trucking Convoy
by: Hervy

Hello Dalbert,

Hopefully after this switch in career, you won't be laid off a third time. Trucking is sure to pick up once people save up their money and start spending so companies can get back to producing goods.

Wow, 3yrs experience required back in the day huh?
Glad it didn't get to that this time.

Glad you made it here, hope to hear more about how things go for you.


May 13, 2009
Dalbert's pondering his future.
by: Jimmy

Well, come on, lets go, Pardner. We'll help you out anyway we can. Keep us posted. Jimmy

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