frustrated but unsure

First i want to say thank you to whoever started this site. I don't feel so alone but i feel like im an emotional wreck. My fiance and i used to practically be inseparable.

Last week he took a regional job that Was supposed to be 4 on and 3 days home. Then i find out its regional and he could be out as long as 10 days!

It sounds like long distance to me but the kicker is its been over a week and i still have not heard from him. I'm sad worried and depressed. He was checking Facebook messages now hes not even checking those anymore.

I don't know if he is dead or alive.....

Has anyone else experienced a complete shutdown in communication ?? Is this normal?? I don't know.

please please help. Ive been praying like crazy i miss him much""

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Oct 24, 2013
I know how you feel NEW
by: Anonymous

My trucker and I used to talk on the phone and text all the time last month but this month of being gone is the opposite. He calls at least once a day but he's so stressed out at work and nothings going right so he's always in a bad mood and doesn't want to talk.

I know if he didn't love me anymore he'd bluntly say" its not working I want you out of my house before I get home" its just they're busy, in bad moods, and sometimes hearing your voice makes things harder and they feel more homesick.

Just stay positive!

Oct 02, 2012
I have been there too NEW
by: Anonymous

Trucker wife going on 9 years. Hubby and I have been married for 11. We have 4 kids oldest is 9. Our phone is our lifeline. When I don't hear from him my "woman vessaels" those places in our brains that create senerios of what he is doing, who he's with, does he love me, is he coming home. I went 2 days without hearing from my hubby once and I started calling his trucker buddies, which is a no no to find out what was up.
Turns out trucker men have days just like us where they just want to be left alone. It has nothing to do with us. Sometimes hearing our voice or the kids in the background make it very difficult for them on the road.
Imagine how you would feel hearing your hubby and kids in the background if you were in Cali and you were in Virginia.
Hang in there honey, stock up on knowledge about how he does his loads and pickups. The more you get into it, the more he'll know you care and appreciate.

Sep 04, 2012
frustrated but unsure NEW
by: Anonymous

all you have to do is call dispatcher and ask to leave a personal message for him. if he is dead they would tel you right then. if he doesnt work there, they would tell you that too.

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