First a trucker now the stay at home wife of a driver

by Jill Messer

I have a unique perspective because I was a driver before I was a stay at home mom with an infant. The hardest is missing him of course. I do understand what he deals with though.

Driving a semi is a lot more energy draining than driving a car. So not as easy or just driving along happy as it sounds. These drivers are at the mercy of dispatchers who change loads and delivery times last minute. The government puts rules on drive times and your sleep schedule changes daily and rotates with 11 hrs of driving within a 14 hr work day and then 10 hrs off in which you must get going going the min those 10 hrs are up.

Sometimes time is so tight there is no eating. Sometimes you drive thru places with no cell reception. Then you get to deliver load delivers and they don't want you to sit in truck... Or they make you sit in it for hours with no place to eat or go to bathroom.

The driving along highway is great, some sights are amazing. Just realize its an exhausting job and its very easy to get homesick.

Your significant other misses not being apart of their families life. They hate it when dispatch screws up their home time and...yes my husband was late to our wedding.

Hang in their and if you don't have kids go along once in a while, if you do maybe some experience and he can work local.

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Jan 04, 2015
Test run NEW
by: Anonymous

Going to take 2-3 weeks vacation next Fall and go with him. The plan is, if I like it, I'll retired from my daytime job and go with as a helper. I'm looking forward to the opportunity. If it's not for me, well. At least I have my regular job to return to. Wish me luck.

Dec 10, 2014
..... NEW
by: Anonymous

I like your very truthful post! we dont have little ones anymore, and I tried to go once in thanks I prefer home!! lol!

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