Failed urine not showing on DAC, need advice

by bob

Graduated from trucking school in 2016 in dec. went out with trainer for 6 weeks straight did well came back to terminal to be tested , open book test from what we learned out with trainer ,, passed it ,on to the road test ,passed now backing test passed ..

Upgrade classes to get own truck ,, good now okay out driving doing it ,,2months into it,, dispatchers problems ...coming home on home time issues '' company lied to me.. im a lease purchase .. choose my own loads .. turn down a few .. getting bad feedback from dispatchers ,, up until i come back from off the road i go home on home time. I took a hydrocodoneday after they dispatch me to go pick up a load i told them no i'm home time. I put in for it in advance, route me back to terminal.

They tell me i got a random go to the clinic i did my only concern is hydrocodone i took the test ..left there came back to terminal ,,waited for my test to come back .. hour passed ..then lady in human resource ask me have i been yet i say been there and back .. they go back and called told me i was good to go ..okay im good on the test.

They give me a ghost run to houston tx. to pick up a trailer to take to laredo tx to drop and pick up a loaded trailer
get there trailer not been even loaded or in computer so i called my dispatcher they didn't know about the load so i ask about downtime been there bout 2.5 hours waiting now call back to get swapped out with another driver no one in route there but i'm seeing trucks in and out with no trailer some waitin so i called again they say i got to wait till they load

Did just that. now its been over 4hours so i get a call telling me that i fell my random thc. im like wow.. in laerdo,tx. tell me i couldn't drive any more told me to shut it down. im like how was imma get back to Mississippi tell me imma have to get there on my own. wondering how is this possible.. so i drove back to Mississippi from laredo,TX bobtailing cleaned my truck out took truck back to school where i graduated at parked it professionally and left..

now been at home since 2017 June 28 till now..checked DAC report say its clean got a copy.. called dmv'.. says license is still good..applied with this company and told this recruiter my situation he say just don't list them and im puzzled about this ..

i have not signed any thing. just did application and he called and told me i was good to come to the orientation to drive for them mind say take SAP FIRST OR GO ON TO DRIVE FOR THEM.. ANY RESPONDERS

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Nov 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

If it's TransAm, go ahead to orientation. If it's some other company, I'd go through SAP first.

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