Doses it get any easier? Anyone else deal with this?

I have been with my husband for 10 yrs. He has been a truck driver for 6yrs. We have 3 kids and 2 of them have mental disabilities and I deal with a rare skin condition that very painful at times.

Anyways he was local for a while laid off and for a job again but over the road what doses not bother me but he makes it seem so easy how he is going out with other drivers etc... He never calls our kids or me when he is gone and when he is home he just wants to relax and have Sex like that's what he is home for.

Does anyone else deal with the same thing cause for me I don't think I can deal with much more. I'm a woman not a sex doll, I can understand his job is hard people cutting him off,making a delivery on time etc... But my job is just as hard cleaning,cooking,kids,bills etc... And with 2 of my kids with disabilities makes it even harder.

What I do to improve hearing impaired.....

Sorry for the rant but when do you get a break or how do I get him to understand a phone call would be nice daily. Or, when he is home to help a little, for my husband I pack his bags, make food etc before he leaves so when he gets home until when he leaves he doses nothing.

Sorry again thank for any info/help

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Jan 10, 2013
date night NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband is home one over night a week and we are newlyweds. What we do is have date night every Mon and he takes me some where special or we go to dinner and a movie. We have planned special and specific get aways. For holidays we make it about us and family so when he wants sex it is about us.

Aug 19, 2012
I find it strange?? NEW
by: Anonymous

That all a person wants to do is have sex and not go anywhere after they have been cooped up in a truck for days on end. Maybe you need some counseling as well as the lady of the original post husband does!

It is not natural and down right lazy to just come home and sit around and do nothing but have sex with someone you love especially when there are kids involved.

My trucker has been out there 22 years and as soon as he gets here we are out having fun. He needs to be around other people as this is socially acceptable.

How can someone be so lazy and unsociable as to come home to a wife that has been waiting around all week or two and only think of himself?? Not only is this lazy it is inconsiderate!!

I see why the women who do cheat on truckers do it!!

Get a real life or go about your lazy ways and give your mate a chance to live some kind of real life she can remember or let her go!!

Aug 19, 2012
yeap NEW
by: Anonymous

i do the same thing with my girlfriend when im woriking im working if im gone 2 or 3 weeks and home only for 3 days i want some sex and i want to relax i dont like goin places because i spent 2 or 3 weeks driving around america i been masterbating the whole time so of course when i get home i want the real thing maybe u should ask him to find a local where hes there more maybe you should try callin him does he have good phone service where he has a signal does he have a blue parrot headset where he can hear u clearly

Aug 18, 2012
Dear Easier NEW
by: Helonwheels

Sounds like your having a difficult time right now, but I want to let you know you are a very brave woman for taking the time to divulge the information you have. But this is a good start believe it or not, you are expressing real feelings and getting them off your chest whether it be here or on a piece of paper it is good for you.

Sometimes we need to reach out and ask for help and that isn't always easy, I commend you for this.

I know from experience that reaching out and asking for help will eventually be the way at getting your questions answered.

There are support groups of all types all over our nation, I am sure that you are involved with other individuals who are in the same situation in having children with disabilities that can offer suggestions on where to locate these groups in your area. At these groups I am sure you will find people who have the same issues you have described and counselors who can guide you into helping you find what will work for you.

Most of all you will need to want to help yourself for it to work and find what works for you.

It doesn't feel good when someone sees others as objects and try to remember that this is his issue and that will not go away until he works on that as well.

I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you can get a handle on your situation for your sake.. you come first... because if you don't come first how will you be there for your children?

Stay strong and God Bless
Helonwheels :)

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