Dont mix your personal life with your driving job. Keep them separate.

by Sharon Bissell

Dont mix your job with your profession!

When you start mixing your personal life with the driving, then the driving job changes. This is often the lifestyle of the person not the job. If you are settle in your personal life the the driving can be more rewarding. Not to say every person that is truck driver is using the profession as a way to satisfy missing personal life or relationships. I have seen this happen more than once.

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Mar 18, 2018
Always use 3 pt contact when climbing out of truck
by: AlaskasIceRoad Teacher

This is good practice to get into as new driver and make sure you continue it till you no longer drive.

You can fall a long ways to the ground by not properly entering truck and exiting truck.

Three pt contact should be practiced. Make sure you have nothing in your hands when you are tying to enter or exit truck.

I fell backwards and was there on ground by my self and there was no one there to help me. Had I been knocked unconscious I would have died there in the lot.

Fortunate for me I only suffered little discomfort when trying to get up. I need to see chiropractor to get back into adjustment.

Jan 12, 2016
Life is a choice
by: AlaskasIceRoadDrivingSchool

Some of us can be content just to live alone and that is good. I chose to marry a trucker and live till one or both of us died. Needless to say he died and I still live with all these memories of him and our time on the road together.

He died in my arms on top of a mountain you probably will never climb and I made that choice to go with him that winter day and I AM GLAD I DID OTHERWISE THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN TELLING ME LATER OF HIS DEATH INSTEAD I WAS THERE TILL HIS END.

I haven't married since but do share my life with someone else. I think often of how I got my start in this wonderful world of trucking. I hope it never ends.

We all have opinions and thank God we are in free country so we all can express these things without getting mad at someone.

I love my life as a trucker

Jan 11, 2016
I can tell from 35 years of experienc...
by: Anonymous

...that this is great advice..



I was married 32 years, have 2 kids, 2 grandkids and I am 53 years old.

Yeah, I started young, REAL young. When your family has issues and you are gone, it will MOST CERTAINLY take its toll on you.

At least in "today's" world, you young bucks have cell phones and Face-time and email.

We had NOTHING but payphones... which might work, might not, let alone be able to park your rig nearby.

I would make an adjustment to your advice based on my experience.

If you have a family that is young, young wife, little kids.... get a local driving job or dont get married. If you are going to run OTR and you love the "new" look of the Rat Rodded Classics... (long nosed Petes and KW's...) and you like all the goodies and trimmings....

You will be married to your truck.

Get a dog.

It is what it is.....

You can't separate the two, and if you try to hard, it will cause you stress, unless you are just plain selfish and self-centered.

It can be done, but it is rare... extremely rare...

Be cool. Take my advice in stride.

It comes from years and years of being out here on the big road and also watching my friends deteriorate into "Stay-at-home' dads....

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