does dot test for methadone?

by mike

does dot test for methadone and if so what happens if you come up positive but have a prescription for it.And if you fail for methadone can you take it again once you are clean

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Nov 15, 2015
Classagirl NEW
by: BigphilAnonymous

What do you mean classagirl list it as .how do you do that

May 30, 2012
DOT Methadone NEW
by: Anonymous

Dot doesn't test for methadone, I'm 100 percent positive, and far as any other drugs go, it's pass or fail, they never say more than that to your company, and before they do that even they call you to find out what you have been takeing.

Sep 05, 2010

Check it out... Do not list methadone or dolophine! Instead list it's original name. "MALLINCKRODT " Why? Well notice the simalarities of "PHINE". Like moriphine ! That's what I did and I passed, no questions!! Good luck!!!

My. State is. California

Aug 11, 2010
by: American Trucker

DOT does check and even if you have prescription odds are most companies wont take a chance. But i would try anyhow cause u never know.

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