does dot test for methadone?

by mike

does dot test for methadone and if so what happens if you come up positive but have a prescription for it.And if you fail for methadone can you take it again once you are clean

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Jul 15, 2016
Help, interviewing for job NEW
by: Dave

Interviewing for a mgt production job and the nurse says they go by DOT testing. I have methadone in my system and need to know if I will fail because of it. If, so I can go to the clinic but must know asap? Please help?

Jun 28, 2016
They do test for methadone NEW
by: Anonymous

My bro just got tested and they took his dot license because he is prescribed methadone for pain. The woman told him he can't take methadone and have a dot license.

Jan 11, 2016
Methadone NEW
by: Safety Director

I can tell you as a Safety Director with absolute, POSITIVE certainty that the DOT does NOT require drug tests which detect the use/presence of Methadone. Ridiculous you say? Can't be true, of COURSE truck drivers HAVE to be tested for Methadone? Sorry... but before you get in the car and drive alongside all those trucks tomorrow, you better call your local DOT office and ask them if truck drivers are required to be tested for the use of Methadone. NO, TRUCK DRIVERS ARE NOT TESTED FOR METHADONE. The Pre Employment and the Random drug tests that Truck drivers are regularly subject to DO NOT TEST FOR THE PRESENCE OF METHADONE. NO CRAP. It the "on the honor system" - truck drivers are "trusted" to inform the physician that performs their DOT Physical that they are using Methadone, truck drivers are "trusted" to inform their employers that they are using methadone. The FMCSA has laws which PROHIBIT anyone who uses Methadone from driving commercially, but since they don't drug test for it........well, let's just say don't bet your life that the driver of that truck next to you isn't taking methadone, because it would be one of the dumber, less informed bets you could make. Luckily, most truck drivers are really great people - and are honest, and truly care about the motoring public they encounter every day...and follow the laws, and if they are using Methadone, they don't drive a potential 80,000 pound "weapon" right next to YOU every day. Not because they couldn't get away with it, ironically enough, it would be incredibly easy to get away with it and NEVER get caught. They don't do it because they are good people who care. They care about their safety, they care about YOUR safety. And they are law biding citizens who do what is right. Thank God for that, because there's no way to catch those who don't. Seriously people, check with the DOT yourself. I repeat DOT drug tests do NOT test for Methadone. I know it seems too ridiculous to believe, but you don't have to take my word for your own homework and learn the ugly truth for yourself.

Nov 15, 2015
Classagirl NEW
by: BigphilAnonymous

What do you mean classagirl list it as .how do you do that

May 30, 2012
DOT Methadone NEW
by: Anonymous

Dot doesn't test for methadone, I'm 100 percent positive, and far as any other drugs go, it's pass or fail, they never say more than that to your company, and before they do that even they call you to find out what you have been takeing.

Sep 05, 2010

Check it out... Do not list methadone or dolophine! Instead list it's original name. "MALLINCKRODT " Why? Well notice the simalarities of "PHINE". Like moriphine ! That's what I did and I passed, no questions!! Good luck!!!

My. State is. California

Aug 11, 2010
by: American Trucker

DOT does check and even if you have prescription odds are most companies wont take a chance. But i would try anyhow cause u never know.

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