Comfort Food Will Hunt You Down

by Hervy

Its Good But What is It Doing To You

Its Good But What is It Doing To You

Comfort food is always looking for ways to infiltrate your daily diet. That little nagging urge to indulge for any reason that you can find.

Comfort food will trick you into justifying it's consumption with grace and dignity. Like it was meant to be. You and her together again at last!

Really, be aware of your weakness. Make a mental note of what you eat and make sure that your daily routine is healthy.

Then when you go off track every now and then, it won't really matter.

But also learn why the foods that are bad for you are bad for you. Search on YouTube what they do to your body. That will help you resist them! Seriously, that works.

Sugar for example. Search YouTube for what happens in the body when you eat sugar. Never mind. I included it for you.

Fried and Processed Food on the Body

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