Can I be fired for being prescibed Suboxone while operating a truck

by Dave Nick

I was an oxycontin addict for about 2 years and some how never got caught using. Currently i have decided to get help and i have been on suboxone for about 2 weeks. I am covered by green sheid but i am worried that they will send something to my emploer and they will find out that i was an addict before and am now on suboxone. I live in ontario and i can not cross the borded because of a criminal record and that is why i have never been drug tested. Do i have anything to worry about?

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Mar 20, 2016
Suboxone NEW
by: Anonymous

You will have to get your suboxone Doctor to fax a paper to the DOT Doctor of his or her approval for you to drive then your good to go. Becarefull out there drivers.

Feb 26, 2016
Not fair NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been in pain management for 14years I've tried oxycotan every pain drug percocet ect. I am a CDL A driver. I have severe nerve damage in my back neck and wrist. All the pain meds above did nothing but made me depressed. My DR put me on methadone and it really works for severe pain 20mgs a day. Know I lost my job of 15yrs.It's not fair. Please change the way you look at METHADONE! Thank you.

Jan 14, 2016
Being punished for getting my life in order NEW
by: Sad & Confused

I am a school bus driver and have been on suboxone for 2yrs now im takimg as precribed by my doctor...I have never been in a car accident very alert very careful but i took a physical at work and they had me sign a hippa relese form now they know i take suboxone. The medical examiner stopped me from driving i really feel its un fair because i have gotten my life in order im a productive member of society i am no longer on opites and haven't been in a long time now i feel like im being punished for getting my life together...

Jan 14, 2016
driving on suboxone NEW
by: Anonymous

I am currently driving on suboxone and my last medical examination my blood pressure was the big issue .

Aug 12, 2015
Suboxone NEW
by: Anonymous

Suboxone is a Methadone equivalent -

You cannot be qualified on Suboxone -

Nov 07, 2014
Suboxone NEW
by: Anonymous

Here's the future issue's guys, that are already in affect in some states, some DOT Physical locations...So much for HIPPA Act, or Dr/Patient confidentiality once we enter the DOT world.

Many DOT examiners are now looking at the Prescription registry ( Software program that doctors use to prevent Dr. shopping.) This registry has our history of prescription medications we have filled over the past few years.

So, even though Suboxone doesn't affect driving/motor skills, and will NOT show on a 5 Panel DOT drug test, your script history will show you have had it filled.

If you leave it off the med form as medications taken, you risk loosing your license. If you put it on the med sheet, you risk disqualification.

This med is also used for pain management, but stigma attached to it reflects drug abuse! Sad but true!

Beware..more and more examiners are checking the registry before the step into the office with you. They'll already know what your prescribed before you speak with them! WELCOME to the world of technology!!!

There is no more privacy. That's why drivers are leaving, and less are becoming drivers!!!

Apr 01, 2011
Trying to get past physical
by: Anonymous

I went for a physical to drive 24 foot box truck and put down the list of meds I was on. I had already taken and pasted the drug test but was honest and put down I was on methadone. They told me to get a note from my physical stating I was capable of driving which I did. I returned with the note and they said oh, you can do that because it states here that no one on methadone can drive a truck.

I have now quit taking the methadone and started taking suboxene, is that a factor in getting past this physical?

I live in North Carolina if it matters...

Sep 03, 2010
No dirty urine on Suboxine
by: Anonymous

If you are worried about opiates showing up on a drug test with suboxone, don't! They do not show up in urine screens,(I tested clean on 8mg) they may show up in blood tests, but how much money is your company willing to spend on that? There are several web-sites that describe the drug and if you are totally concerned, asked your doc! Also, do not stay on the subs for too long no matter what. They have a loooong wd length with nasty side effects.

Feb 23, 2010
Doctor perscribed
by: Anonymous

Suboxone is a perscribed medication by a doctor and should not be a problem, G

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