California driver seeking Experience

by Gary
(Chatsworth, Ca, USA)

Hello. I'm a 53 year old that loves driving. I know that OTR is different from everyday run of the mill driving, but I have been driving 70,000 plus miles a year in a cargo van for the past few years, and frankly I'm tired of the poor pay for the hours I put in. I'm 'all in' and eager to learn. I have my CDL A permit and am enrolled in class here in Los Angeles to gain my license.

I would love to 'ride a long' to watch and learn the ins and outs of the 'A' Class profession. I know, I need this valuable time. A Job would be even better!!

If you are able to assist the next Class A driver inline, please reach out. Ideally I'd like to learn the Long Beach/LA Harbor Dock business and work on those runs. Thanks a Million and drive safe...

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