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I am a 27yr otr driver and educator, Author.

I started driving when I was a kid about nine or ten years old. I sat in the seat and never got out of it. I have been driving 25 years now with 3 million miles, 23 years of this time on road as a driver trainer and back here in April 2009 I came off the road took a CDL Instructors job.

I have had my ups and downs but mostly up. And I have to thank my family for being strong all the times I was gone away from home.

Back in 1986 I turned my drivers license into a commercial license. That was a scary day for me and I didn't have to do all the testing there is now. It was just a road test and I did it in a 1970 Mack Cabover. I was determined to pass this test and glad I did because I have had a great career then and now.

The doors of opportunity are wide open if you step through them you never stop learning and growing in this career.

I have spent many years out here as a truck driver and with out support of my family and friends it would have been a long hard life. Not to say it's all been easy it hasn't, missed many special occasions.

I was introduced to a lady, Lynda, at her home and must say she swept me off my feet from the moment I meet her. Soon fell in love with her. Not knowing what would come of it, if anything at all. I spend many hours out here thinking of her. As time went on we become closer and closer soon became married. I eventually came off the road to be able to spend more time with her and my children.

Taking a new avenue in this business. I became state certified as an instructor and now teach from a classroom and on-site. It is a great feeling to be able to share and teach someone who has not ever been behind the wheel of a truck. They all tell me how much it has changed there out look on driving and how they feel about truckers. They are more aware of the changes on the road now and what a high responsibility it is.

I share this with you cause at anytime you can change your whole life out here. You can take what you learn and apply them every day. If you don?t have a job in this field it?s your own fault. The largest industry in the world.

Good Luck,Carl (American Trucker)

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Dec 22, 2010
~This Is It!~
by: ~OldSchoolHomegirl~

I like your story Carl. It's true, you have to "want" to be in the industry. I believe "you" make the difference. "We" make it what we want it to be, whether that be good or bad. I prefer GOOD! lol. Keep up that positive reflects the good person you are!

This is it! I can't get enough. It's calling me...just wish I knew which phone to pick up!LOL!

Well, you take care. God Bless you and yours.


Jun 05, 2010
American Trucker
by: SnowMan

Seen Phil.Everyone you got the Best Damn Driver the USA has to offer.

Take care amertrkr.

SnowMan on the side.

Jun 05, 2010
Hey American Trucker
by: High Gear

It's phil your former student.Man driver's/students you can learn a world of info from this guy,he's old school and 1 of the best.I wouldnt be here making the living i do with out him.I still remeber favorite thing to say to me (what was so hard about that)hey keep in touch.I'll land line you.
Be safe,High Gear (Phil)

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