6 months experience - good driver from Idaho

by Michael Spence

So I had a good job but wanted to start driving again. I contacted Swift and Chris Watson in TN picked up my application.

I made sure to tell him my story and also let him know I already had a job and that unless he was sure I had a job not to send a buss ticket.

Well he said he did my background check and that all was a go. Well I left my job got on a buss to Lewiston ID and was sent home because he had not done the background check as he told me.

My wife and I are about to be homeless and without Christmas because this guy from Swift Transportation lied to me!!

So if you have a job don't believe anything a recruiter tells you unless it's in writing. I am trying to find a job now and am looking to be separated from my family because the missions here don't let you stay with your wife.

If anyone needs a driver I have over 6 months verifiable driving experience and also have a wife that will be riding with after orientation and whatever else you need.

Please call 208-570-1482. Thanks!!

Lewiston Idaho area trucking jobs if you have 6 months experience

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