4. A tragic, but true story of a trucker and lot lizard!

by Rusty Martin Jr
(Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania)

My father has been a trucker all my life. He as been through all the lower 48 states and has seen some crazy things. Now have mind you this story is very real and very true. I'm hoping this get accepted and doesn't violate the terms and conditions as this is a true story.

It was around 1998 if I remember correctly and my father was driving for a small independent company out of Eastern New York. This company was so small it only had 5 straight box rigs and one sleeper (my father's). Well my father was on a normal run delivering furniture to Indianapolis, In.

He pulled into a truck stop kind of early one night as he wasn't really feeling well so he wanted to get some sleep. So, he went into this truckstop, took a shower and whatnot and went back to his truck. About 30 minutes after this he was watching the news when he heard a knock on his door.

He got out of the sleeper to find a lot lizard standing there and who asked him "if there was anything she could do for him", which he replied no and she went on her way.

As he woke up the next morning, he went to go into the truck stop building to use the restroom, and as he go to the rear of his truck, there laid the same lot lizard from the night before strangled to death on the ground behind this truck. So then he got on his cell phone and contacted the police and became worried he would be the main suspect as she was found behind his truck.

After about 10 minutes 2 state troopers showed up with their lights flashing and my dad stepped from his truck and waved the 2 officers down. They talked about what had happened and he explained to them what happened the night before, how she came to his truck, but he turned her away. After the coroner and medical personal arrived and removed her body the officers told my father that he was free to leave if that was his intention, so he thanked the 2 officers, shook their hand and got back in his truck and left.

Some of the things you can see as a truck driver can be pretty disturbing especially if it personally happens to you.

Be safe out there.

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Got away with it NEW
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your ol' an got away with murder

lot slut NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes I guess any and every truck driver will experience that knock knock knock and pretend it doesn't happen that is why the divorce rate is high all I can say don't let it happen when I am riding along just think they go from truck to truck sooooo when do they have time to wash their ass half r nasty start if 8 ever find out my husband paid for it I will make him pay twice divorce and the expense it's beyond me why someone would even me mess with trash in the forest place.

Lot lizards NEW
by: Caveman

Well when I started trucking in 1983 there seemed like you could not park your truck without the common tap tap tap of the common truck stop lizard but as the years came and gone the lizards were replaced by homosexuals and transvestites banging on the door in the late 90s then by 2003 when I retired
It was the scraggly dope atics with there pants hanging to the ground banging on the door mooching for money all I can say is bring back the lot lizard ,.

Thank you
by: Jennifer S


Thank you for sharing this story. We often see lot lizards as a pest, but it is a shame that they put themselves in such dangerous situations!

It was only last week that my husband and I were awoken by a lot lizard, her story though was "She needed gas for her truck." Of course, my husband turned her away. This with "NO LOT LIZARD" stickers on our truck.

They are STILL people, whether we understand or appreciate their ummm, occupation. They have families.

It would be disturbing to have that happen, death to begin your morning!


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