will i ever trust him again???????????

I spent my yrs. devoted to my trucker husband then 2 yrs. ago i found out he cheated.. I know it took him a a yr. and half even to admit anything... of course because of this i ended up with a std and that has taken me so much therapy!!!!!!!!!!

he took a local trucking job and lo and behold he decide to go back to long hauling.. I spent yrs. on the rd. with him and I feel like I do not trust him at all but he does not seem to grasp this...

How can I quit grieving over lost part of our relationship and be truly happy again???????

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Apr 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have been married 21 years, 3 kids all over 18. He left me without warning several years ago for a woman I was clueless about. He came home a few months later but..

I never have recovered,, the pain & fear of it happening again is indescribable.

We are miserable because of my insecurity but neither of us leave.

PLEASE NO CRITICISM, if I could leave or let ago I would have. He started truck driving last year.

Obviously I am worried who he will meet,
He lies about harmless stuff which makes me certain there is more.

I have gone with him otr and there is no evidence anyone specific is out there but when I'm home 100% of the time he gets caught red handed lying, sometimes by mistake others are seemingly intentional.

What or why would someone supposedly trying to build trust could cause this repeating almost now predictable lying pattern.

I LITERALLY can't explain why I live this paralyzing fear pained life. I can't let go so please understand I have heard all that kind of advice before, ...I'm here looking for advice on how to understand what the lies mean, learn what I have to do to find some sense of security because it's my insecurity that causes the problems.

We talk when he sits waiting to get loaded or unloaded... A ladies voice all of a sudden starts talking to him at his Window to hand him his papers.

Keep in mind this is clearly a woman so he either didn't see her approaching or intentionally let her knowing I would hear her either way this should be a harmless situation but I asked what she had said because it sounded like two more hours. He straight up said that was a man.

I initially laughed thinking he was just kidding he got MAD accused me of hearing what I want instead of believing him so I immediately told him I t would be easy enough to find out and if I was wrong I surely would not doubt him again. He told me to do whatever I needed to and call back to apologize.

I called the company asked for shipping, said I needed to talk to either the girl who signed me in or the man who signed me out. The woman said well I'm the only one here so I must have the wrong place I confirmed no possibility of wrong Dept turned out company so small literally 3 people there, 2 guys on site one security at gate one forklift driver she handles all communication with drivers.

Needless to say he said I was wrong and still denied it even after I happened to be on the road with him and he got a load to same place. Exactly what she said and the same lady to boot yet he still adamantly denies it!

That's one example. Yes my situation and myself are this pathetic but I still hope to find someone who help.

Oct 08, 2015
It is what it is
by: Anonymous

As a trucker I can tell you right now he's getting some on the side and can't wait to get back on the road where it's easier to do. You can't change him, so you can either learn to live with it or move on.

Oct 07, 2015
In your shoes
by: Anonymous

Been there - 3 years later still hurts as much as it did the day I found out. It's not the anger of finding out - it's like you said... You grieve the relationship you thought you had. I miss the man I thought I was married to - we are currently separated because I couldnt get past it - i am just now coming to terms with the fact that the man I loved never existed.

He is trying so hard - but it's all bullshit... There were others I found out about and he still doesn't know I know about them... Until he fully admits to eberuthing we will stay Apart - unless I get tired of waiting and move on.

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